Course Information

DST 500 – A History of Madness

This course is available to program students in all five faculties at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Course Description: Where do diverse concepts of “madness” come from? How have these ideas changed over time? How have “mad people” interpreted their own experiences? This course will be in the tradition of social history from “below”. It will survey the social medical, political, economic, cultural and religious factors that have influenced interpretations of what it means to be “mad” from ancient time to the present.

C/DST 504 – Mad People’s History
This is an online course offered both to students at Toronto Metropolitan University as well as internationally through the Chang School of Continuing Education.

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of the history of madness from the point of view of people who were, and are, deemed “mad”. The purpose of this course is to place the diverse perspectives of people diagnosed as mad, insane or mentally ill as being of central importance in the history of psychiatry, and to address the question: how madness has been viewed by mad people over the centuries.